Back to school breakfast..porridge

The holidays are over and life, as us Kalila moms know it, has returned to its rhythm of school runs, work and studies. So too has our diet returned to normal and the ice creams and summer specials are probably a distant memory. It’s back to cooking and providing the family healthy plates to give them the energy they need. It’s fun to try out new things and over the coming months we’ll be providing plenty of family-friendly recipes for you to try with the kids. Some classics are simply great as they are and provide a filling start to the day… presenting the humble bowl of porridge!


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Week 6 – Staying Hydrated while Training

Welcome to Week 6 of our Learn to Run series. We’re hitting on a very important topic, especially as we enter into the month of August, typically a super hot month for most countries. As you prepare for a run, make sure you’re heading out when the weather is compatible with working up a sweat. Try to avoid the mid-day sun and plan well: either have water with you or know where to access some along the way.  Continue reading Week 6 – Staying Hydrated while Training

Basic Sun Salutation for Pregnancy

Getting even the smallest amount of yoga into every day is so beneficial. Pregnancy is no different! Here’s a very basic Sun Salutation that you can try from the comforts of your own home. Remember: Bring your knees up and down at the same time to protect your lower back and start with your feet at least hip distance apart (this will allow you to bend forward with a belly!).


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