Meet the Kalila Community Founders

Kalila Community Co-Founders Claire & Kathy

Claire Sambolino – Nutritionist, Health Coach & Brand Manager

With more experience behind her than we can feasibly fit on one page, Claire has helped create and foster Kalila Community since 2012. Nutritional Therapist, marketing & brand manager and Health coach are just some of the hats that Claire wears. Nutritionist

In her humble words, she presents herself as “new-ish mum” to her two kids, Olivia and Emily, as she continuously finds herself learning from her daughters every day; their needs, their growth spurts, what they do (and don’t) like to eat. And just like other new mums she worries about her health and well-being whilst trying to stay fit and active. Her motivation to help create Kalila Community was just this: the chance to help others recognize the normalcy in all things not normal about motherhood and provide a solid resource that they could turn to. She’s a passionate cook and dietary educator shares her passion with the Community both in studio as well as online. Nutritionist

Kathy Moulton – Lawyer, Yogi & Community Manager


The idea for Kalila Community was conceived during Kathy’s first pregnancy but it wasn’t really “born” until a few months after her daughter Laila. Though a professional career that has always been focused on law and community development, her passion for wellness was always there. After the birth and after meeting Claire, the vision for Kalila Community and its potential to support a healthier lifestyle among women and children become a reality.

Born in Newfoundland, Canada her heart has taken her to Milan, Italy where she currently manages the Kalila Community studio in addition to working with moms as a lawyer, family mediator and Yoga Instructor. Kathy is a UK Solicitor, Canadian Lawyer
and registered foreign lawyer in Italy and focuses on birth rights as well as general family law.