Getting up and out with two!

It’s true. Two is double the trouble. But also double the reward!

Since having my second daughter, Emily, in November life has become a constant juggling act trying to get both girls up, dressed, fed and out the door to take the eldest to nursery. Intermingled are feeds and copious nappy changes (we’re still nappy training our eldest) and time quite literally flies. Before you know it it’s time to head back out to collect Olivia, get lunch, nap time and so on.

And so getting out to do fun things often takes second place to the mundane routine of everyday life. One because it’s exhausting and two because moving around with two can be physically challenging. For the nursery run I use buggy and pouch to walk the 15 minutes there and back. In bad weather we take the car. To go into town I often take the train but the millions of steps at the station and around town are a buggy nightmare and on many an occasion (incl. whilst heavily pregnant) I’ve had to brave carrying the buggy up and down flights of stairs. Mobility for us mums, and not to mention people with disabilities, remains a huge challenge to getting out and about.

So now with two children under the age of 3 how will I manage?

I’d love to resume some of the clubs I did with Olivia before Emily was born but one by one I’m having to assess both the viability and the expense. Swimming lessons are proving tricky as to take Olivia I need a babysitter for Emily thus doubling the cost of the lesson. Music club and “Mom and tots” are luckily both fun environments where I can take both girls easily. Getting out for our much loved walks and trips to the park are also still fun if a little more demanding.

On our recent trip to the mountains I put it to the test. Whilst my husband enjoyed a few hours skiing I attempted to walk c. 1/4km into the village in snowy conditions. My usually hyper-active 2 1/2 year old decided that walking on snow (and uphill) was far too much like hard work. So with my 2 month old up front in her pouch and Olivia hanging off my back I eventually made it there and back. The end result? Exhausted!

Winter weather adds to the challenge as just getting dressed up in all of our snow suits and boots took forever. But despite this we’ve had great fun as a family in the mountains. True that with two of us managing the kids everything becomes that little bit easier. In two we could safely take the chairlift up the mountain. Something I would most definitely have struggled with by myself.


As a family we could really enjoy the mountain and give time to both girls. Olivia had her first experience of tobogganing with daddy which she loved and I got to stretch my legs and have a good walk with Emily in the pouch.



It’s still early days for me juggling two but one thing I’ve come to appreciate already is that it ain’t easy!
But, I feel better for getting up and out with the girls and they both need the stimulation so the extra work is most definitely worth it.