Finding “fitness” after giving birth

For many of us, we are so focused on staying healthy during our pregnancy that when baby arrives we hit the wall and don’t know where to turn. Sleepless nights, feeding and juggling one or perhaps more babies are all valid reasons why us mums melt down and rest and relaxation seem a world away. So how can we even begin to think about regaining our fitness?

Finding “fitness” is not about losing baby weight or slimming down but simply finding quick and easy ways to regain some equilibrium and balance. With so much to manage it is really important to look after our own health both physically and mentally. Whether it’s a short walk each day with the baby, taking time to prepare a nutritious meal, laughing with a friend, or finding time to have a long bath and fight the mental fatigue they are all important “mum moments”.

Take a breather

The first step to finding “fitness” is to identify a couple of things that make you feel good and give you a boost; dancing round the living room to your favourite song, getting out in the fresh air for a power walk, your favourite food, singing in the shower and so on….Some may get you moving and others help you feel better from within and they are all equally important. Rest is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of staying fit and well.

Fit & Healthy

Then think how you can make it happen, are they things you can do at home (whilst baby sleeps) or do you need help?

Don’t be afraid to ask.

My neighbour has sat with my girls on a couple of occasions so I could get out for a sanity walk for half an hour. And at the weekend my husband has made sure I’ve had time to take a bath and wash my hair without interruption. Small things that make a big difference.

The results are amazing! Like having a power nap. These little things can make the difference between feeling exhausted and feeling rejuvenated. The more you can build your inner  and outer “fitness” the better you will feel.

Try it!

Love Claire