Beliefs run deep

Have you ever wondered why you believe the things you believe?

Who told you that was so? Parents, grand-parents, or perhaps a teacher or role model in your life?

Our beliefs have the ability to shape us and influence many of the choices we make, and yet often we can’t remember why we believe the things we believe. That’s fine all the while our beliefs are helpful. But what happens when our beliefs are holding us back?

The smallest of things can create patterns that we find hard to shake in our adult lives.

Imagine discovering that a difficulty in losing weight stemmed from a belief that you must always “eat everything on your plate”, or that a fear of new things came from a belief that “people like us don’t do those kind of things”. What we hear as children and what we go on to belief can seem like the truth, but the question to ask is “who’s truth”?

As many of us go on to become parents, aunties, uncles, teachers, football coaches, dance teachers, and influence the lives of children around us we too can pass on belief systems that may be either helpful or unhelpful. Coaching can help make sense of beliefs, to understand where they come from, and when unhelpful, help build new beliefs which may be more useful.

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