Gluten-Free Chestnut Chocolate cake

Chestnut Chocolate Cake


Chestnut season has officially arrived!

Chestnut & Chocolate Cake


250g 70%+dark chocolate

250g butter

250g peeled and cooked chestnuts

250ml milk (or rice, soya or nut milk)

4 eggs

125g caster sugar

Preparation: 25 mins + 30 mins cooking

1. Preheat the oven to 170C and prepare a 9″ cake tin.

2.  To prepare the chestnuts, cut a cross in the skin and boil in water for c. 10 mins. The cross helps you peel the chestnuts once cooked.

3. Melt the chocolate and butter in a pan over a gentle heat.

4. In another pan heat the cooked and peeled chestnuts in the milk and then mash.

5. Seperate the eggs and put the yolks and sugar together and stir into the melted chocolate and butter mix together with the milk and chestnuts.

6. Whisk the egg whites until glossy and stiff and then fold gently into the chocolate mix. Transfer the mix into your baking tin and bake for c. 30 minutes or until firm.

7. Serve warm with a generous side of vanilla ice cream or single cream. It is however just as yummy cold and if you store it in the fridge will set into an interesting fudge like consistency.