Have fun this Halloween and stay safe with our top tips for kids

Just one day to go till Halloween and if you have young kids I’m sure excitement is almost at fever pitch! Here at Kalila we love a bit of fancy dress and Halloween fun and will be enjoying with our friends and families. Whether you live in the middle of a busy city or countryside here are some of our top tips for having fun and staying safe.

Trick or Treat 

  • Always accompany young children under the age of 12yrs.
  • Ensure older children stay in groups and stick to your neighbourhood and keep in touch with regular updates.
  • Ensure unaccompanied children know emergency numbers should they be needed or have a designated house to go to in an emergency.
  • Give a curfew so they can have fun but also know what time is hometime.

Road saftey

  • Stick to the pavement and cross roads at designated crossings.
  • Be visible so other pedestrians and motorists can easily see you.
  • Hold hands when crossing as big groups are more easily seen.
  • Don’t cross between parked cars or other obstructions as motorists may not see you.

Costume safety

  • Check whether costumes are made from inflammable materials as many accidents have occurred with costumes catching fire on candles (or similar) with serious results.
  • With young children it may be better to use face paints rather than masks which can obscure vision.

But most of all. Have fun!