Pregnancy Yoga Pose: Thunderbolt (Vajrasana)

Focusing on yourself (including your new limitations) is just as much a part of yoga as getting your alignment correct. I’m a person who loves to push myself, feeling myself getting to the next level in a physical challenge so I understand perfectly when the mommies in my class aren’t happy to spend a lot of time on breathing or taking things down a level or two. That’s said, it’s extremely important to recognize where you are in your practice at this specific time. Doing what you’ve always been able to do just might not be the best idea.image4

Thunderbolt is a great position for aligning the spine and toning the chest muscles. It can also be used as way to gather up any particular focus that you want to bring into your daily practice. By using the hands and breath together, you can image yourself gathering up whatever you need more of, be it calmness, strength, self-confidence, and bringing it toward you and into your heart.

image1-3Start on your knees and sit on your heels. You may want to add a cushion either under your knees or between your bottom and your heels. Start with your hands together at
heart center. As you breath in, allow your hands to sweep down and then out and up to the sides until the arrive overhead- rise up onto your knees at the same time. Your hands meet overhead and touch in prayer position. You may want to look up at your hands but be careful not to arch your back. As you breath out, press your hands together and lower back down to sit on your heels again – your hands move back down to your heart, pressing them together firmly the entire t

image3-1ime. Repeat this 4-5 times and then rest in Child’s pose with your head elevated to the same height as your hips, either with a pillow or by stacking your head on your hands.

Always remember to rest if you feel light-headed or dizzy. Thunderbolt pose can be practiced daily.

Happy Practicing!