The importance of water in pregnancy – World Water Day 2018

Today is the United Nations World Water Day 2018 so what better day to talk about the importance of water for fertility, conception and during pregnancy!










Water is central to all life, we’re 60-65% water ourselves,  and none more so during fertility, conception and pregnancy.

Did you know that sperm are 98% water!! They are not called swimmers for nothing!!


Drinking the recommended 1.5-2 Litres of water daily is one of the most beneficial things we can do when looking to conceive, as well as performing a huge number of important tasks throughout pregnancy. Joking aside, a dehydrated sperm is far less likely to reach its destination and fertilise an egg than a happy swimmer. Water also helps oxygenate the womb and improve blood flow to the egg. If both egg and sperm are healthy than conception is more probable.

A good intake of water also helps the body produce the key sex hormones; oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone as well as aiding hormonal signalling. Think of our bodies as being fine tuned cars needing water to keep everything ticking over and to prevent us from over heating. Water also keeps cervical fluids flowing and prevents vaginal dryness which comes in handy when trying to conceive!


Ooooh where shall we start?




Nutrient supply to your baby?

Waste removal of all the poop your baby is generating?

Water helps with all of the above. During pregnancy your body is transporting nutrients to baby and removing all waste from the amniotic sack so keeping this supply and demand chain flowing is essential to baby’s well-being. Flushing out dietary and lifestyle toxins will help keep both mum and baby feeling energised and ensure the amniotic fluid is regularly cleaned. Many expectant mums also have difficulty with constipation during the latter stages of pregnancy and again keeping up your fluid intake should help with bowel activity alongside a balanced diet full of nutrient dense foods.


Good hydration will help with the physical exertions of labour and birth as well as prepare your body for milk production.

For more on staying hydrated check out of Eat Healthy series and the article on Water by clicking here. For information on Healthy Eating during pregnancy you can book a one-to-one with our resident Nutritionist Claire Sambolino by visiting our shop.

As we celebrate World Water Day 2018, we can consider ourselves lucky in Europe to have abundant supplies and easy access to clean water so be kind to your bodies and keep drinking.

If you’re interested in supporting those less fortunate then visit WaterAid here.