What’s in our snack pack this week….veggies!

Hot on the heels of Jamie Oliver’s campaign against child obesity and #AdEnough of junk food marketing, we’re packing our bags with a selection of colourful veggies to keep hunger at bay this summer. Real, raw and packed with healthy vitamins and minerals we’re embracing our inner omnivore and helping to educate ourselves and our families on the benefits of healthy eating. As Kalila parents we’re passionate about promoting health to other mums and families. Keeping our kids healthy and full of energy is one of our jobs as parents and so teaching them about food, feeds (quite literally!) into this. So our summer snack packs are bursting with vegetables. Simple, unadulterated vegetables. Unlike fruit they contain far less natural sugars, and are typically rich in fibre, both of which helps support blood glucose levels and keep energy levels more balanced. So hooray for vegetables and happy summer everyone!

For more personalised advice on how to eat more healthily, why not book a one-to-one consultations with Claire, our Kalila Nutritionist, here.