Prenatal Yoga Series – Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana

Revolved head to knee pose (long name, we agree!) is a beautiful and invigorating prenatal yoga pose that won’t just leave you in a good mood but will also help create length along your side body and through the back of your legs. Before moving into the pose, be sure to warm up by moving around in a few warm up poses to get your muscles ready.

All of the poses in our prenatal yoga series form part of a larger practice. Ideally, you’ll want to put many of them together in a sequence, moving from gentle to more invigorating poses. Sometimes the poses that we consider resting poses (like Child’s pose) can cause us great discomfort, while other poses (like Parivrtta Janu Sirsansa) can provide much relief!

After warming up, come to sit on the ground with your legs open in a wide V. Bring your left foot in so that your ankle is in your groin. Inhale to find a long spine and turn your belly to face your bent left knee. Place your right arm along your right leg and lift your left arm straight towards the sky. Lengthen both sides of the body and imagine that you have a huge Pilates ball between your arms that you’re going to roll over towards your right foot. Keep working with your breath to find length on both sides of your body as your deepen into the pose towards your right foot.

Allow your head to tilt upward towards the sky or close your eyes if you prefer to spend a few breaths in the quiet of your own world.

For a video sequence to help you into Parivrtta Janu Sirsansa, check out our YouTube Channel here.