Meet Cindy Butt: mum trainer and fitness guru

We’ve all entered fitness or yoga classes and felt like the outsider amongst a group of close-knit friends. Sometimes being the “new mummy” can be intimidating. Just over four years ago, I opened the door for my free trial at FarOut Fitness with Cindy Butt and felt immediately like I was home.

Cindy’s energy and welcoming spirit is absolutely contagious. You simply cannot feel left out with her around. Cindy’s been in the fitness world for years now, teaching, hooping and shimmying herself and others into healthy lives all over the city of St. John’s. I call her my post-natal butt kicker as I conveniently show up every July, sometimes just a month or so shy of giving birth and I leave at the end of August with a stronger core and a whole lot of inspiration to bring back to my own classes. And Cindy makes everyone feel like they and their babies belong with jokes and personalized tips for their particular level.

Her classes are mixed level and work so well for new mums. There’s an onsite babysitter but the kids are able to see mum getting stronger as we work out in front of them. During her stroller workouts, older kids are able to run and play along with mum, fostering a love a fitness in them as well. If you watch Cindy closely during the workout, you’ll see she’s always watching her student’s bodies, making sure they’re doing a move correctly and safely. Her workouts aren’t random – each pose serves a new mummy well, designed to strengthen the key areas that new mums find troublesome, like shoulders, low back and wrists.

Cindy focuses not just on a new mum’s physical health though. She’s extremely dedicated to improving our mental health. A long time mental health awareness activist, Cindy knows that a healthy happy mum is more than just skin deep. Cindy spends much of her time working on improving our insides as she does on our outsides and the mums of St. John’s are all the better for it!

Mum and fitness lover Melissa Hunt certainly agrees. “There is no other fitness studio in [St. John’s] that provides the level of fitness and support to mommies that Cindy at FarOut Fitness provides. Not only does the Kettlebell Mommas program make you stronger but it provides you with proper techniques for lifting baby (and everything that comes with them!) as well as healthy eating and emotional well-being supports” says Hunt.

Listen to my interview with Cindy by clicking on the link below. If you’re interested in connecting with Cindy or joining one of her classes, check her out directly via Facebook at Far Out Fitness or via Instagram @faroutfitnessnl