Welcome back and a look at whats coming this autumn at Kalila …

If you’re like us, the holidays are over and the children are heading back to school, and life is settling back into a routine…we’d like to say a huge welcome back!!

Kalila co-founders Kathy and Claire have been busy with their families in Canada and the UK as well as fitting in a few summer adventures on their holidays but behind the scenes have been planning lots of great content for this Autumn-Winter. Here’s whats coming up this Autumn….

We’re excited to share;

The Mia Tango Wellness Challenge and Kalila collaboration – motivating mums and mums-to-be to keep active with simple exercises to do at home. Check out there IG feed for links to weekly videos including one from Kalila. Don’t forget that Kalilawear is available exclusively online at Mia Tango for all US and Canadian mums. Visit the store here.



The Kalila Running Club – A weekly meet-up for Milano mums starting 13th Sept. A great way to experience running for the first time, and for existing runners to enjoy running in a sociable setting with the goal of aiming for the Milano marathon. If you saw the recent BBC article on safety for female runners and were as concerned as us then you’ll agree there is safety in numbers. You can read the full article here. For non-Milano mums we’ll be sharing great content on ‘how to get started with running’ and especially on how to stay safe. Our Kalilawear jacket and pants come with a number of built-in safety features include high visibility and reflective details. Visit our store for sizing and pricing. For non-Milano moms, you can still participate. Sign up for our online version and get the same weekly tips and motivation as our Milan moms do! We’ll help you make and keep your running goals and find the perfect local race for you to accomplish!

For info on joining the group email info@kalilacommunity.com


A new series of downloadable ebooks with all you need to know on eating and living healthily during and post pregnancy. We’ll be providing some deliciously simple recipes for you and your families, sharing top tips on how to encourage little ones to eat up, as well as covering the importance of sleep, exercise and limiting stress. Kalila co-founder and Registered Nutritionist Claire Sambolino will be sharing her expertise in these bite-size books. Full a full skype consultation visit our store to book. Our books will be out in time for Christmas (hopefully sooner!) so the perfect gift to share with mummy friends.


A new series of Yoga podcasts with Kalila co-founder and Yoga instructor Kathy Moulton. If you’re new to yoga then we understand that not everyone feels comfortable attending classes so these podcasts give you the opportunity to practice in the comfort your own home. Kathy is specialised in prenatal yoga and will share positions and breathing techniques for birth as well positions to support post natal care. You can book a one-to-one skype lesson with Kathy by visiting our store.


Kalila launches ‘Search for a Star’ in October as we seek the new faces of Kalilawear. Open to women of all body types, ideally in the first trimester of pregnancy and with active IG and FB accounts. Full terms and conditions to follow soon.

Could you be the new face of Kalilawear?


We can’t wait to get started!! Join us on IG and Facebook for all the latest news and events.