Join the Kalila Breakfast club…the meal no mum should miss!

This Autumn we’re launching our Kalila Breakfast club to bring mum’s the very best start to their day with our weekly breakfast recipe. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and yet so many of us skip it. We’re making it our mission to ensure mums everywhere fill their tums at breakfast time!

Whether you’re considering a pregnancy, are currently pregnant, are a new mum or an old hat (like some of us), we all need a nutritious and energy-boosting start to the day. After a nights sleep (for those of us lucky enough to sleep through), our body is fasted and in need of food. Skipping breakfast means our blood-sugar levels will dip further which usually ends one of two ways…..

Major sugar low which can make us light-headed and grumpy (watch out world!)


Grab a snack (usually something naughty) followed by a rush to the head and a day of casual grazing (watch out waistline!)

We can avoid this energy roller-coaster and set the tone for the whole day by dedicating time to eating a balanced and wholesome breakfast, and with so many tasty options available we guarantee we’ll have something for everyone. What’s more, we’ll be sharing a few nutritional tips with each recipe so you can see what’s good

Fancy a sneaky peek at some of the recipes we’ll be sharing?

Join us every Monday for our Breakfast Club ‘Dish of the Day’ and make Breakfast great again!