Kalilawear + Mia Tango Running Challenge

When we were approached by Mia Tango Maternity to participate in their September Wellness Challenge, we couldn’t wait for summer to be over!

As our Kalilawear items are designed for high performing mums throughout pregnancy and beyond, we decided to share a running challenge. Our challenge is multi-levelled so whether you’re a true beginner or a returning marathoner who just needs something to get her back on the road, you can participate.

If you’re new to running and you want to try it postpartum, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you’ve gotten clearance from your medical professional and that you’ve been working to strengthen your pelvic floor. If you feel any pain while running, particularly in your pelvic area, you’ll want to start and work on regaining your strength before lacing up your running shoes.

If you’re more advanced and you were running or speed walking either before or during pregnancy, make sure you give yourself the time you need to recover before jumping back into your post-pregnancy routines. Our bodies are different after pregnancy. That doesn’t mean we can’t work hard but it does mean we need to respect what your body has gone through.

Before you get into the challenge, here are our top 10 tips for getting into running:

1) Look forward (and not at your feet)

You want to make sure you’re safe and can see cars and other obstacles along the way. Looking forward instead of up or down will make sure you have better posture. This will also help keep your breath coming in strong and steady.

2 ) Hit the ground mid foot

Turning on your toes can tighten calves and cause pain so you’ll want to make sure you hit the ground mid foot to prevent injuries.

3) Keep your shoulders relaxed and your arms at your waist

Keep your arms around your waist level. Running with your arms lifted higher can cause your shoulders to tighten and make you more tired overall.

4) Be aware of your surroundings

This is especially important if you’re running with a little one in a running stroller. Make eye contact with drivers before crossing streets even if it seems obvious that you’re there. Keep music to a low if you’re wearing headphones and avoid music via headphones if you’re running with your baby. This will allow you to hear cars and other runners or bikers on the road.

5) Be visible

Wear bright clothing with reflective stripes, especially if you’re running in the early morning or in the evening. Early morning drivers might not be expecting you and could be on their way to work and therefore distracted. Our Kalilawear items come with bright mesh paneling and reflective details to help keep you safe morning, afternoon or night.

6) Take breaks when needed

Overdoing it will reduce your ability to run the next time you want to go. Don’t aim for speed in the first few weeks. Build your endurance and then introduce speed runs.

Consider doing the run 1 minute, walk 1 minute program that we challenge below and building up if you’re very new to running.

7) Make sure you have good footwear

Shoes don’t have to cost a lot but they should be proper running shoes for your foot type. Any running store or sports store should be able to advise you on proper shoes for your feet. Lots of new moms have fallen arches from pregnancy so make sure you get good arch support.

8) Stay hydrated

Drinking water before, during and after a run is best. Don’t overdo it but make sure you’re taking small sips as needed.

9) Don’t run hungry!

A small snack before running ideal. Something like, such as nuts or a banana, can help you stay energized. Make sure you have a small protein/carb snack shortly after finishing your run.

10) Head out with a good attitude and tell someone the route you plan to run.

Running should be fun and stress relieving (not stress causing). Tell yourself you’ll do your best and you’ll come back far more satisfied than if you set a pre-run goal that’s unattainable for your level.

If you’re running with a baby, make sure you’re protected from the sun and that your baby is also visible. Pack lots of toys, diapers and snacks to keep your crying baby from hijacking your run!

Your challenge:

Beginner: 3 x running/walking for 20 minutes per week – 1 minute running x 1 minute walking

Moderate: 3 x running/walking for 23 minutes per week – 5 minutes running + 1 minute walking

Advanced: 3 x running for 22 minutes per week(10 minutes running + 1 minute walking)

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