Top exercises for new mums by top trainer Kerry Vaughan

Catching up with top mum trainer Kerry Vaughan was an incredible treat for us at Kalila. Of course we had to ask her for her top moves for new moms who are getting back into their fitness routine post-birth. Here are two of her faves:

Pelvic Floor Strengthener:

•Start lying flat on the floor with your knees bent to 90degrees and feet hip distance apart
•Place a book/yoga block or rolled towel between your knees and hold it by squeezing your knees together
•Ensure your back is flat on the ground with no gap, if you feel a gap then tilt your pelvis so the gap closes
•Engage your core and squeeze your glute lifting your pelvis off the floor.
•Pause the exercise at the top and then slowly lower your pelvis towards the floor again. Maintain the squeeze to keep the object in place between your legs.


Deadlifts are a great stabilizer but require some level of core strength beforehand. Work your way up to deadlifts by doing your pelvic floor exercises or by training with a fitness coach at your local gym or mum fitness group. You’ll need some dumbbells or a kettlebell to perform this exercise. When you’re ready, here’s what to do:

•Start by standing upright
•Engage your core
•Roll your shoulders back
•Hinge at the hips, driving your Glutes (bum) backwards
•Keep your back straight and lower the dumbbells towards the floor and clos to your body
•When you feel a stretch in your hamstrings(back of your legs) pause.
•You should be able to wiggle your toes at the bottom of the dead lift -this ensures the pressure is in the heels and working your posterior chain.
•Power back up to your starting to position.

For our podcast with Kerry, listen up here.