Breakfast Club – keep going….we’re at the half way mark of our morning marathon!

So here we are half way through our breakfast club series. How are you getting on so far?

Have you taken the plunge and added some new dishes to your breakfast? We promise you’ll not be disappointed!

Lets take a minute to remind ourselves some of the key benefits of having a healthy balanced breakfast and why we believe it’s the meal no mum should miss:

  1. We wake fasted (after sleeping all night) so our bodies need a good start to the day to provide energy.
  2. A balanced breakfast with a mix of carbohydrates, protein & healthy fats helps balance blood sugar levels and set the tone for how we eat for the rest of the day.
  3. If our blood sugar levels are balanced, we’re less likely to experience hunger cravings and instead will feel fuller for longer.
  4. This means we’re not grabbing for the nearest snack!
  5. And if we’re not snacking, this helps us to maintain a healthy weight.
  6. If you’re currently nursing, what you eat provides essential nutrients to your baby.
  7. If you’re sleep deprived, a nutrient-dense diet will help boost your immune system and prevent you getting run down.
  8. If you’re a busy working mum, a good breakfast will provide the energy and brain-food to tackle your day head-on.
  9. Healthy mums help build healthy families.

Need more convincing? We have another 5 great articles coming up on oats, pancakes, continental vs Mediterranean breakfast, smoothies and breakfast bowls to keep filling you (literally!) with new ideas to keep breakfast varied.

Need to catch up on the first 5 articles, then click through to read our Breakfast club launch and to find out about including brain-boosting fish, super-food eggs, nutrient-packed veggies and immune-boosting fruit in your breakfast repertoire.

Today’s Monday morning motivator is to help keep you on track with your new breakfast routine. We know how hard it can be to get up and make an extra effort first thing. Especially if you’re juggling no sleep and the demands of a family. We hear you!

If you do just one thing for yourself each day, find those extra couple of minutes to help start the day with something nutritious.

If you feel yourself slipping back into a repetitive routine then grab a pen and plan ahead. Meal planning is a great way to map out your week and ensure you’re eating something different each day. The more variety you can build into breakfast, the more nutrients you’ll be eating which all help to boost energy levels and feeling healthy.

Download our meal planner and use it to help plan your breakfasts and grocery shopping. We’ll be back next week with the next in our Breakfast club series on porridge oats…and getting ready for winter.