The meaning behind our “Rummage for a Cause”

Moms know better than most: we live in an age of perpetual consumption. Our children’s clothing get torn, grown out of, stained and lost at a rate that is shocking. As a mom of three, I feel like I’m finding holes in my kid’s clothes every second day (and new baby stains on my own!). 

And, as much as we try to contain ourselves from filling our closets to the brim, we also really like getting new clothes for our little ones. The cute jumper, the awesome pjs, that adorable hat with the cat ears. It’s an awkward predicament. 

In an effort to curb over-consumption of fast-fashion clothing while still keeping our children’s bum’s covered, we have created our event Rummage for a Cause. We’ve also collected toys, books, shoes, clothes for adults and accessories too.

The name (a play on the 1955 move “Rebel without a Cause”) is designed to make you think about finding treasures while also doing something good for others. The event is quite simple: We gather gently worn clothes from other moms like ourselves, check it all over, set up for two days and invite people in to our market at a really great price. All our proceeds go to a charity that supports a great cause. This year’s event is for Emergency Onlus, an Italian NGO working in war zones providing essential medical care. 

We’re holding our event on Friday, October 11th and Saturday October 12th in our community studio (Kalila Community, via Conca del Naviglio, 5). Every is welcome and encouraged to bring a friend. The more people who can share in our event, the better!

Details: Entrance Fee: 5 eur

Price per Item: 1 eur
Location: Kalila Community, via Conca del Naviglio, 5, Milano
Dates: Friday, Oct 11 from 1-7pm and Saturday, Oct 12 from 10-7pm.

Please remember to bring your own bag (another step to supporting sustainable practices) and share the details with all your friends!