Motherhood in Milan

Welcome to Motherhood in Milan, our podcast all about moms and maternal health professionals in the fabulous city of Milan, Italy. The inspiration for this podcast comes from our daily work with fantastic women in this city. During our courses, workshops and events, we connect with both moms and maternal health providers, all who inspire us and amaze us with their stories and strengths.

Kalila Community is founded by new moms in Milan, Italy. All of us have the overlapping feeling of being a newcomer to Milan while also being a newcomer to motherhood.

This is basically another new adventure for us; a new start on a journey that unsure for us. But we’re excited and curious about how it will turn out!

Our podcast might not be without a few technical hiccups at times – we’re literally still finding our feet in this new world but we stand firmly behind the content and the concept. We hope that soon you’ll be able to download and subscribe to our podcast on all major podcast providers. For now, you can find us here!

We want to thank our biggest supporter thus far: Marta from Musindò for providing our fantastic music. Marta offers music courses for children in Milan, Italy and she is so extremely talented that you’ll want to check her out. Here is a direct link to her site:

If you like us (or think that someone else would like us!), please spread the word. Share our link or tag someone on our social media pages. If you’re a mom or a maternal health provider in Milan and you’d like to be interested in being a guest, please let us know! We want to hear from you! Send us an email at:

Until next time, happy listening!