Motherhood in Milan with Valentina Ghilardotti

Our first interview for Motherhood in Milan is with one of our favourite women working with and for mothers in Milan, Italy. Valentina Ghilardotti is a doula with years of experience and a native Milanese.

She’s not only a trained doula but also a mom of four. In addition to working with La Leche League for over 10 years, she’s also one of the trainers at Mondo Doula, one of the main doula associations in Italy. She’s a mentor and role-model for so many of us in the maternal health world and it was my pleasure to sit with her and learn even more about her in this interview.

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As always, many thanks to Marta from Musindò for the wonderful music for this podcast. Marta is an extremely talented music teacher in Milan who teaches music education to young children from 0-6 years (as well as ukulele lessons!). You can find all the details about Marta at her site:

Motherhood in Milan with Valentina Ghilardotti