Rainbow Yoga – A practice for the whole family

During these days under quarantine due to Covid-19, we’re all under a lot of pressure. It’s a stressful time for all of us, kids included. We can use Yoga to work on those emotions. This is a project for the whole family as a way to keep active but also check in on each other emotionally. Check out our video on YouTube (in English and Italian).

Here are the instructions to do this project at home:

On a piece of paper, make a rainbow (just the outline, no colours)

Make circles for each emotion (you can make faces if you have little kids or just write the words, colour the circles in with a colour of your choice or use the colours I’ve suggested)

Every day, get each family member to choose an emotion and then the whole family has to do the associated Yoga pose.

Feel free to add your own emotions or Yoga poses to the practice!

Here are my suggestions:

Angry – Red – 3 big lion breaths

Sad – Blue – Butterfly pose

Scared – Black – Warrior 1 pose

Anxious – Orange – Forward Fold Pose

Tired – Brown – Cobra to Downward Dog Pose

Bored – Grey – Sun Salutation Sequence

Happy – Yellow – Dancing Star

Excited – Pink – Wheel (or reverse table top)

Funny – Green – Eagle

Peaceful – Purple – Easy Lotus Pose

Have fun and help each other! Remember, this is a team building activity aimed at making the whole family feel better. There’s no right or wrong in Yoga for kids, just fun. Help each other out and be safe in your practice.

Happy Yoga-ing 🙂