Courses for moms, babies and families

Join us for Yoga, birth courses and much more! 
All dedicated to women on their journey towards motherhood.

Corsi Milano

Our Mission

With a passion for wellness and for helping moms, Kalila Community has one main goal: To support and encourage moms throughout all stages of motherhood. We offer courses and services in the heart of Milan, Italy in both English and Italian.

Osteopatia infantile

At Kalila, we care

We are together with moms, not only through our courses but also through our community where moms (and dads!) can find advice, ideas, support and solid information about all aspects of health.

At Kalila Community, we’re dedicated to supporting moms and giving back which is why we spend much of our time organizing fundraising events and raising awareness about issues that matter to women and mothers. Find out more about our activities by visiting our Foundation page.