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November “Eat Healthy” – Buy fresh, cook fresh, eat fresh

Our “Eat healthy” series is drawing to a close and as we approach year end we’d like to leave you with a few take home messages. Each month we’ve covered different food group (proteins, carbs, fats), hydration, portion size and variety to name but a few… and as we leave you to follow your own […]

October “Eat Healthy” – Variety is the spice of life

What’s the first thing you think of when someone says the word “diet”? Boring?!!! That’s because most weight-loss orientated diets involve cutting our major food groups such as carbs, fat, and sugars. Here at Kalila we are more interested in “Eating Healthy” to promote a healthy approach to food combined with an active lifestyle for […]

September “Eat Healthy” – Portion control. Size counts!

Who remembers 2004’s ‘Super size me‘ documentary film on McDonald’s by Morgan Spurlock, where he must Super Size the meal when offered. The focus of the film was on fast food and its effects on health, and portion size was central to the debate. How often do we all eat more than we really need? […]

August “Eat Healthy” – Sleep & Exercise

Our series continues with a look at the importance of sleep and exercise to our overall well-being; Sleep and Exercise are an important aspect in overall Health and Well-being and Weight Management. It may seem obvious that exercise is good for us as we are all told that from a young age but many of […]

July “Eat Healthy” – Stay hydrated

Nowadays we drink a huge variety of drinks from hot beverages to fruit juices to smoothies to alcohol but how many of us drink the recommended 1-2 litres of water each day? Its true that all drinks count towards our fluid intake but water comes at “no cost” as it is quite literally calorie free. […]

June “Eat Healthy” – Eat a rainbow!

Since discovering the term “eat a rainbow” I use it all the time with my kids as a really lovely way to teach them about food and notice the different colours on their plate. My 5 year old and I often count the colours as she eats and she now does is automatically and tells […]

May “Eat Healthy” – Understanding protein.

Our “Eat Healthy” series continues with a look at protein. Meat, specifically processed meats such as salami, bacon, sausages, and minced beef have recently been in the media with headlines questioning how safe it is to eat ( Meat is one form of protein and so we are going to look at the recommendations for […]

April “Eat Healthy” – Choosing healthy fats

Last time in our series “Eat Healthy” we looked at carbs and how eating too many can lead to glucose being converted to fat in our bodies. So what does this mean for eating fat? The Department of Health recommends that 30-35% of our daily calories come from fat and this equals c. 70g for […]

March “Eat Healthy” – Carbs: which ones and how many?

In the average western diet we eat carbs all day every day…bread, croissants, cereals, sandwiches, pastries, cakes, biscuits….. and many experts believe we eat too many and the wrong kind .( So what are carbs? Carbs are carbohydrate containing foods and they are found in a broad variety of foods from grains and cereals such […]