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Easter Chocolate Crunchies

Easy Easter Chocolate Crunchies AN EASTER TREAT MADE A LITTLE HEALTHIER WITH DARK CHOCOLATE & BRAN FLAKES Ingredients: 120g bran flakes, 50g dark chocolate 70% + cacao, 25g butter 25g / 1 heaped tbsp honey, 1tbsp of icing sugar Mini eggs for decoration Preparation: 5 mins + 10 mins decorating 1. Place butter, chocolate chunks and […]

Christmas Biscuits

Christmas biscuits with a touch of spice A GREAT FESTIVE TREAT TO MAKE WITH THE KIDS Ingredients: 225g Plain flour (or gluten free flours) 1 tsp Baking powder 150g Butter 100g caster sugar 15g soft brown sugar 15g oatbran good shake of cinnamon, nutmeg and cocoa powder, pinch of salt 1 beaten egg splash milk […]

Gluten-Free Chestnut Chocolate cake

Chestnut Chocolate Cake A SEASONAL SPECIALITY FULL OF HEARTY CHESTNUTS Chestnut season has officially arrived! Chestnut & Chocolate Cake Ingredients:  250g 70%+dark chocolate 250g butter 250g peeled and cooked chestnuts 250ml milk (or rice, soya or nut milk) 4 eggs 125g caster sugar Preparation: 25 mins + 30 mins cooking 1. Preheat the oven to […]

Back to School Gluten Free Bread Nutty Bread

With the holidays coming to an end and back to school fast approaching, why not out our flavorsome nutty gluten free bread to add some variety to breakfast or the kids lunch box. Get the kids involved and have them cook up a batch! Gluten Free Bread (adapted from a personal recipe), image from Elana’s […]

Gluten Free Oat Bran, Coconut & Berry Muffins

Gluten Free Oat Bran, Coconut & Berry Muffins A HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE TO SHOP BOUGHT CAKES & PACKED WITH DELICIOUS GOODNESS Ingredients: 50g oat bran# 300ml while milk or soy, nut, rice milk 50g butter 50g desiccated coconut~ 1 large organic egg 50g sliced almonds* (optional) 1 tablespoon baking powder 2 tablespoons honey~ 50g buckwheat flour# […]

Peach & Rhubarb Roulade

Peach & Rhubarb Roulade (with fresh mint) (Recipe and image Kalila’s own) FANTASTIC FOR A LUNCH OR  SUMMER AFTERNOON TEA Ingredients: 4 Egg whites, 6oz / 170g caster sugar, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, chopped almonds to decorate, additional sugar to sprinkle, 125ml single cream (whipped) + fruit of your choice (Berries, peaches, rhubarb). Preparation: 15 mins […]

Chocolate or Fruit Muffins

Chocolate Muffins (Recipe and image Kalila’s own) GREAT TASTING BREAKFAST OR AFTERNOON SNACK Ingredients: 50g butter, 50g caster sugar (can be switched for desiccated coconut for a sugar-free option), 1 egg, 300ml milk, 50g oatbran, 50g dark chocolate (70% cacao), 100g buckwheat flour, 1tbsp of baking powder (c. 15ml), pinch of salt Fruit Muffins As […]