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First Trimester Training

Recently discovered your pregnant? Amazing! Not so sure how you can stay with your fitness routine or keep active while pregnant? We spoke to Kalila mommy and Personal Trainer Catherine Kerr for some solid advice about being active during your first trimester. Here’s what she had to say to new moms who are struggling with […]

Here come the holidays…Short cut workouts to stay in shape

Even before you can get one Candy Cane finished, your holiday schedule is likely to be packed – especially if you already have some little ones. Our kids’ schedules are usually busier than ours! Parents usually allow one of the most important things to take a backseat during the holiday: their health. And we’re almost […]

Mum and bump prenatal fitness – the new normal

We are always excited at Kalila when we see good press about pregnancy fitness and encouraging mums to stay active during and after pregnancy. The physiological and psychological benefits of exercise are well documented in everyday life and yet there is a common misconception that this all has to stop as soon as a woman […]

Running until the end: entering the third trimester

The third trimester has arrived. I’m big, I’m tired and quite frankly, I’m over hearing about my belly. Objectively, I probably can’t really say that I’m big but I certainly feel big, especially when I knock something over with my behind (and having to hear various comments from every single person I meet about my […]