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Running during Pregancy: Dos & Don’ts

Running while pregnant is making its way into the mainstream. Previously unrecommended, many women who ran before pregnancy now continue to run well into their third trimester, modifying their approach to the sport as their pregnancy progresses. Why the shift? In part, the recent open-mindedness is due to a greater acceptance and understanding about what […]

Eat for Race day & Recovery – marathon training and endurance walking (Part 3)

As Race day approaches and after weeks of training it’s time to consolidate everything you’ve practised ready for racing. Kalila’s Kathy is race ready for Boston 2018 and the Kalila team are all here cheering her on. She’s put in the miles in training and has fuelled her body to reach peak fitness. Now it’s […]

Varicose Veins and Prenatal Fitness

Suffering from varicose veins during pregnancy is not uncommon. If your mom had them, you’re even more likely to get them as varicose veins are (yay!) hereditary. Spider and varicose veins are many things: ugly, uncomfortable, inconvenient and in some cases, dangerous. But they can also be manageable and temporary. Many issues associated with varicose veins […]

Race Training During Pregnancy

How we approach fitness and sports during pregnancy has changed so much in the last few years. Just take a quick look around Instagram at the hashtag #fitandpregnant and you’ll see moms doing all sorts of sporty stuff. And at Kalila, we couldn’t be happier to see all these happy, healthy moms lifting and sweating […]

Running until the end: entering the third trimester

The third trimester has arrived. I’m big, I’m tired and quite frankly, I’m over hearing about my belly. Objectively, I probably can’t really say that I’m big but I certainly feel big, especially when I knock something over with my behind (and having to hear various comments from every single person I meet about my […]

On the run…with a bump

This post is something that I’ve been trying to write for a few weeks now. In fact, almost every time that I lace up my sneakers and hit the road outside my house, I think about how I need to get these feelings and thoughts out. This entry will be the first in my series […]

Bump and go!

So I’m now 6 months into my second pregnancy and the bump is starting to get seriously bigger but whilst on my summer holidays I’m keen to keep as active as possible. My gynaecologist is an immensely pragmatic lady who’s motto is “it’s not an illness, you’re pregnant” and as such she advocates that you […]