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Rainbow Yoga – A practice for the whole family

During these days under quarantine due to Covid-19, we’re all under a lot of pressure. It’s a stressful time for all of us, kids included. We can use Yoga to work on those emotions. This is a project for the whole family as a way to keep active but also check in on each other […]

Modern Milanese Life: Keeping the Faith at Week 6 and counting

Well here we are sneaking up on week 6 at home with our family of four. As family and friends back in NY are in the beginning weeks of quarantined life, we are in full government mandated lock-down. The restrictions now are as tight as ever and with justified reason. No more jogs, no more […]

Practice at home during Covid-19

With all the closures, we know it’s hard to keep motivated and keep active. That’s why we’re uploading all kinds of content for you and your family during the Covid-19 restrictions. On our YouTube channel, you’ll find videos for Prenatal Yoga, Mom & Baby Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kids Yoga and ESL lessons. We’re also offering […]

Modern Milanese Life: Stuck at “Home” in my Home Away from Home

I am a native New Yorker who has been living in Milan, Italy for the last fifteen years.  I’m a full time working mother of 2 young girls (ages 3 and 5) and am married to a fantastic Italian man. As the stress of the corona virus situation begins to cascade in the U.S., many […]

Motherhood in Milan with Valentina Ghilardotti

Our first interview for Motherhood in Milan is with one of our favourite women working with and for mothers in Milan, Italy. Valentina Ghilardotti is a doula with years of experience and a native Milanese. She’s not only a trained doula but also a mom of four. In addition to working with La Leche League […]

Pigiama Party con Mamma Bookita e AM Kids Milano

Venite con il tuo puppazzo per la prima pigiama party da noi! Martedì, 29 ottobre alle 10:30 abbiamo un evento molto speciale. Leggiamo un libro “Llamas in pijiamas” con Mamma Bookita e facciamo un attività didattica insieme. Ci sara’ anche un piccolo mercato dei libri i pigiama da AM Kids Milano con tanti bei prodotti […]