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Pigiama Party con Mamma Bookita e AM Kids Milano

Venite con il tuo puppazzo per la prima pigiama party da noi! Martedì, 29 ottobre alle 10:30 abbiamo un evento molto speciale. Leggiamo un libro “Llamas in pijiamas” con Mamma Bookita e facciamo un attività didattica insieme. Ci sara’ anche un piccolo mercato dei libri i pigiama da AM Kids Milano con tanti bei prodotti […]

How writing a birth plan can help during pregnancy

How Writing a Birth Plan can Help during Pregnancy

Writing a birth plan can help during pregnancy. We all know that pregnancy and birth are unpredictable and uncontrollable situations. Those two words alone can drive many of us to a brown bag for breathing support. But being faced with an uncontrollable situation does not need to send you into a panic. Many situations in […]

Short & Sweet Yoga audio class

Keep trying to make to Yoga class but just never find the time to fit it in? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our Short & Sweet Yoga audio class dedicated to finding a little bit of balance in honour of the upcoming Balance Mi workshop by Healthy Happy Mi. On May 19th we’ll […]

How can a Doula help during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you’ve probably heard of a doula. But do you know what a doula actually is? In the range of professionals dedicated to maternal health, the doula is probably the least understood of all. Deriving from a Greek word meaning “female slave”[1], a doula is a non-medically trained […]