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Baby body and positive body image

As women we spend days, weeks, months and years of our lives fretting over our bodies, our weight, and our overall body image. From trips to the gym, hair salon, clothes shopping etc we dedicate vast amounts of time to looking and feeling good and then suddenly preganancy happens and everything we know changes! But […]

Can I have another hour please?

Let’s start this post by saying that it took me 3 whole months to find time to finish this post. Originally, this was supposed to be written before Christmas (the first version mentioned how much I would get done over the Christmas holiday… fast forward to now and well, that didn’t happen at all). Now, mid-February, with […]

Travelin’ (wo-)man

I recently arrived home after a whirlwind trip back home for a friend’s wedding. It was a glorious 10-day trip to my hometown but, like most trips home, it involved catch-up dinners, catch-up drinks and, as I was helping my friend prepare for her wedding, it also involved bachelorette parties, pre-wedding decorating events and the […]

Coping with modern day stresses

Is it me or are all we all more stressed these days? From school, what to study, to career choice, to finances, rent, mortgage, to life choices, boyfriends, husbands, kids, to how to balance it all…and the list goes on and on! But whilst many of us might think of stress as simply being under […]

Reconciling your old life with the new: how to keep the lifestyle going

  Almost every morning I have an internal battle. In my old life, I would get out of bed at 6am to go running, sometimes with a friend but mostly alone, training for a race by clocking mile after mile as the sun came up (yes, I’ll admit right away to being one of those […]