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Pigiama Party con Mamma Bookita e AM Kids Milano

Venite con il tuo puppazzo per la prima pigiama party da noi! Martedì, 29 ottobre alle 10:30 abbiamo un evento molto speciale. Leggiamo un libro “Llamas in pijiamas” con Mamma Bookita e facciamo un attività didattica insieme. Ci sara’ anche un piccolo mercato dei libri i pigiama da AM Kids Milano con tanti bei prodotti […]

How writing a birth plan can help during pregnancy

How Writing a Birth Plan can Help during Pregnancy

Writing a birth plan can help during pregnancy. We all know that pregnancy and birth are unpredictable and uncontrollable situations. Those two words alone can drive many of us to a brown bag for breathing support. But being faced with an uncontrollable situation does not need to send you into a panic. Many situations in […]

Short & Sweet Yoga audio class

Keep trying to make to Yoga class but just never find the time to fit it in? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our Short & Sweet Yoga audio class dedicated to finding a little bit of balance in honour of the upcoming Balance Mi workshop by Healthy Happy Mi. On May 19th we’ll […]

How can a Doula help during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you’ve probably heard of a doula. But do you know what a doula actually is? In the range of professionals dedicated to maternal health, the doula is probably the least understood of all. Deriving from a Greek word meaning “female slave”[1], a doula is a non-medically trained […]

Why Self Care Matters

Self care is likely that term you’ve seen flying around social media these days. The one urging you to get a facial or drink some fancy latte. Well, self care is actually much more than that and it deserves a bit more attention. Self care originated as a tool for marginalized groups who were fighting […]

Let’s talk Post Natal depression on World Mental Health Day

This week we’re proud to announce that Kalila co-founder Claire has an article in the Association for Post natal Illness (APNI) newsletter, supporting mums with postnatal depression, explaining how diet and healthy eating can support some of the many symptoms linked to post-partum illness. Post Natal Depression (PND) affects as many as 10% of new […]

Yoga for Kids! Introducing Poses

yoga for kids

Yoga for kids is exploding worldwide these days. More and more, people are talking about the benefits of yoga for children (and parents too) which is wonderful considering the amount of stress our society is facing these days. For adults, it can be hard to understand how to share yoga with your kids. If you’ve […]