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Have fun this Halloween and stay safe with our top tips for kids

Just one day to go till Halloween and if you have young kids I’m sure excitement is almost at fever pitch! Here at Kalila we love a bit of fancy dress and Halloween fun and will be enjoying with our friends and families. Whether you live in the middle of a busy city or countryside […]

Beliefs run deep

Have you ever wondered why you believe the things you believe? Who told you that was so? Parents, grand-parents, or perhaps a teacher or role model in your life? Our beliefs have the ability to shape us and influence many of the choices we make, and yet often we can’t remember why we believe the […]

An introduction to family coaching

For many, surviving the pitfalls of Christmas with the family can be one of the most stressful moments of the year. All the anticipation and build-up can easily end in spats and arguments as family overload kicks in. So here we are in January with another year ahead of us, and time to reflect on […]

Mental illness and motherhood

My sister is bi-polar and for as long as I can remember we’ve juggled family life with her recurring episodes of deep depression and manic highs. We’ve lived through the teenage years of drink, drugs and rebellion followed by her 20’s and her first foray into motherhood and now her 30’s with baby number 2. […]

Coping with modern day stresses

Is it me or are all we all more stressed these days? From school, what to study, to career choice, to finances, rent, mortgage, to life choices, boyfriends, husbands, kids, to how to balance it all…and the list goes on and on! But whilst many of us might think of stress as simply being under […]