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When “1” isn’t the loneliest number

When "1" isn't the loneliest number

When “1” isn’t the loneliest number. From fairytales to our nagging aunt, we are consistently told that we need to find our soulmate, get married and settle in for the rest of our life in order to find true bliss. So engrained is this idea of marital heaven that even long-time non-married couples face incessant pressure to bite the bullet, […]

Is 2018 going as planned….here’s how to stay on track with your goals

So we are now well and truly into 2018 and hands up how many of us have already gone astray with our New Year goals? Life has a funny way of getting in the way and for mums that means dealing with whatever is thrown at us and our kids for example the dreaded back […]

Managing Holiday Stress by Managing Your Daily Habits

We’re thrilled to have guest collaborator Karen Rigatti share this article with us on how to manage holiday stress. You can check out all of Karen’s amazing articles on her website: Here we go again…the holidays!  For some, it really is the most wonderful time of the year, but for many of us, it’s […]

Sibling rivalry and balancing the needs of the whole family

With Back to School well and truly underway it can be hard settling back into a routine of school and activities after the long summer holidays. In families with more than one child it can often become a challenge to balance the needs of each family member (including our needs as parents) and to give […]

How to say “No” effectively

Never say No! Last night I went to an interesting evening on “How to say No! Effectively” organised by my daughters pre-school and hosted by a couple of psychologists. A group of c. 30 mums, most looking tired and harassed, 3 lone fathers, and one couple, gathered in the hope of finding the magic cure […]

Can I have another hour please?

Let’s start this post by saying that it took me 3 whole months to find time to finish this post. Originally, this was supposed to be written before Christmas (the first version mentioned how much I would get done over the Christmas holiday… fast forward to now and well, that didn’t happen at all). Now, mid-February, with […]

Travelin’ (wo-)man

I recently arrived home after a whirlwind trip back home for a friend’s wedding. It was a glorious 10-day trip to my hometown but, like most trips home, it involved catch-up dinners, catch-up drinks and, as I was helping my friend prepare for her wedding, it also involved bachelorette parties, pre-wedding decorating events and the […]