The Kalila Community Commitment

At Kalila Community, our objective is to revolutionize how we approach women’s health. We aim to support to women’s health initiatives by fundraising and where possible, providing support to grassroots projects who proactively improve women’s health. In addition to offering courses locally and online that empower women, we work with individuals and groups, increasing awareness about important issues affecting women and mothers globally. By supporting causes close to our hearts, we aim to give as much back as possible and with your help we can make a difference.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring women together through community projects for the betterment of all parties involved. The Kalila vision is to improve maternal health conditions for all mums globally, starting in our own city, reaching abroad when possibile. We aim to support women’s health initiatives worldwide to make this vision a reality.

How We Help

Kalila Community organizes fundraisers locally as well as globally for organizations that work within the areas of maternal health and family protection.

Breastfeeding Initiatives
Kalila Community support breastfeeding initiatives in Milan & worldwide, through our free breastfeeding meetings and information online.

Growing Families
Kalila Community grows with families. We support projects and courses which support and nurture the overall health of mums, which in turn helps families to prosper.

Support Maternal Health Projects Today!

Help us to help others. Participate in one of our upcoming charity events or even better, write us with your own initiatives!

Kalila Community is supported not only by its loyal customer base but also by its partners. We partnered with photographer Jessica Pepper Peterson to support her project documenting maternal health initiatives in Uganda and showcase her wonderful photography. Interested parties can join forces with us by sponsoring a Kalila Community project. To receive more information about becoming a sponsor, contact us directly at

Kalila Community is proud to have sponsored our very own Claire Sambolino on her challenge to conquer Kilimanjaro and raise funds for The Association of Post Natal Illness (APNI). She summited the “roof of Africa” at 5895m tall on 1st March 2018 and raised over £800 to help support the 10% of new mums who go on to develop postnatal depression. Kalila Community is passionate about supporting mom’s mental health as well as their physical well being and supports the work of the APNI.

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