Pregnancy means great changes for the body, which, in addition, is being affected by new emotions and sensations.

Over the course of the months there may also be some disturbances common to many expectant mothers such as difficulty in relaxing and sleeping, muscle tension, tiredness, shortness of breath, swelling of the lower limbs, etc.

After childbirth you then take a trip back to your own home. You dress a body that is once again “new” and that it is important to take care of. You need to feel supported and accompanied.

Every opportunity for loving contact and deep listening to the body is precious to relax and stock up on new energy, prepare for childbirth or regenerate after it, to free the mind and leave any emotion free to emerge.

Also to make peace with a physique that we may no longer seem to recognize.
When you give life you need a time to care for yourself, to let others do it for once…

So many possibilities for you at Kalila Community, you can choose between:


If you love the classic massage, in direct contact with the skin, with hands flowing softly thanks to natural oils, you can drain venous and lymphatic fluids, especially in the lower limbs, facilitate the relaxation of hypertonic muscle groups, tension, contracts, give you a deep pampering.

In the absence of specific contraindications, during pregnancy it is advisable to wait until the beginning of the second trimester.

Body & Mind Wellness

If at this moment you feel you need protection and delicacy, if you prefer to stay dressed and not expose yourself too much, you can prefer a touch sequence along the anatomical and energetic map of the body: meridians, chakras, organs…

In pregnancy this approach is wonderful because it has no contraindications and, since it does not involve any real manipulation, you can experience it from the first trimester.

The hypophysis, womb and pelvis are the central areas of the treatment, but you work on the whole body inducing a deep sense of relaxation, emotional balance, well-being and contact with your baby.

Cerrada, the “closure” of the body after childbirth opening

The Cerrada, also called cierre de matriz o de cadera, in English-speaking countries known by the term closing of the bones, is an ancient Mesoamerican practice now widespread throughout the world.

It allows you to “get back together” and feel “whole” again after the great opening of childbirth, natural or not. It closes the gestation phase to enter the phase after the birth, starting from you, from your center, with renewed energy and resources.

It favours the re-elaboration of the birth and its delivery and you can also receive it together with your partner when you wish.

It is carried out lying on your back, on the ground, gradually enveloped by 7 traditional Mexican Rebozo (long cotton shawls) and is always preceded by a dedicated conversation.

Ideal for marking or celebrating the 40 days after childbirth.

What if the birth left a scar?

The Global Harmonization of Scars is a protocol, developed by Dr. Philippe Mahè and disseminated by David Kanner, which combines the touch of breathing practices, relaxation and reworking.

Especially after the experience of a Caesarean section, this technique helps to make peace with what happened and to feel a sensation of physical and emotional liberation, to return in full and complete contact with your body and its ability to “give birth”, thus facilitating the physiological healing of the wound. It compensates for the high level of stress, consolidates the bonding with your baby and promotes a start of breastfeeding that may have been made more difficult by the intervention.

An excellent thing is to combine the sessions of Harmonization of the Scars with those of Osteopathy: in this way you give yourself a complete and deep path, of great benefit to live at best the puerperium or prepare for new pregnancies.

For information and appointments: 

Arianna De Micheli is Holistic Operator and Trainer ex lege 4/2013.

She proposes the Global Harmonization of Scars, learned from the French osteopath David Kanner, and had the great privilege of learning the use of Rebozo for pregnancy and puerperium directly with Angelina Martinez Miranda, wonderful traditional Mexican midwife.

As a Maternal and Child Massage Operator she has obtained the national Csen certificate (recognized by the Coni, code 65719) and she is also a Reiki method Operator Usui II level with a training of over 100 hours of frequency that integrates this discipline with the phenomenological systemic theory and with solid bases of metamedicine.

Arianna is also registered with Siaf Italia as a Professional Member (cod. LO2491P-OP) and with the Register of Bio-Natural Disciplines of the Lombardy Region (cod. 2018/TS04).

At the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan she leads, alongside the Music Therapist Giovanni Casanova, the Cantingrembo® meetings proposed as a side event of the birth preparation course.

She co-founded Tenda Rossa delle Donne and L’Oasi delle Madri, with which he also actively collaborates Kalila Community.



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