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Breakfast club ‘brain & breastfeeding’ booster with smoked salmon

Hot on the heels of launching our Kalila breakfast club our first recipe is dedicated to smoked salmon and the amazing benefits of adding omega 3 into your breakfast routine (or any other meal for that matter). Yes, it does involve getting fishy. But if you really can’t face fish first thing int the morning then […]

August “Eat Healthy” – Sleep & Exercise

Our series continues with a look at the importance of sleep and exercise to our overall well-being; Sleep and Exercise are an important aspect in overall Health and Well-being and Weight Management. It may seem obvious that exercise is good for us as we are all told that from a young age but many of […]

February “Eat Healthy” – We are all unique!

Welcome to Kalila’s “Eat Healthy” series. Our goal is to look at the guidelines, talk about food in general and search for the evidence to help make small but effective changes in our lives and in the lives of our families. We really just want to get to know more about food so that we […]

January “Eat healthy” – From Resolutions…to real change!

Happy new year! If you want to make real changes for you and your family in 2017 how can you identify your goals and begin taking those first steps? It may sound funny to ask about goals but often understanding what you really want is the cornerstone to making change. Do you want to lose […]