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Welcome back and a look at whats coming this autumn at Kalila …

If you’re like us, the holidays are over and the children are heading back to school, and life is settling back into a routine…we’d like to say a huge welcome back!! Kalila co-founders Kathy and Claire have been busy with their families in Canada and the UK as well as fitting in a few summer […]

Too strong for labor?

  I remember one moment very clearly in our birth course at the hospital: the nurse had just explained the process of birth. The contractions, how the baby descends, all that good stuff. My husband looked at me and said “The uterus is a big muscle? This is going to be so easy for you! You’re […]

Prenatal Yoga Series – Tadasana

Ah, Tadasana (or Mountain Pose as it’s better known). Often overlooked for its importance (let’s face it, it’s not very exciting), Tadasana is actually an incredibly important pose during pregnancy. It is the perfect position for working on correct alignment as well as countering fallen arches in your feet. We’re all guilty of standing poorly […]

Prenatal Yoga Series – Gate Pose

Gate pose (or Parighasana) gives you the chance to focus on some much needed stretching to the sides of the body, something that provides so much relief to women during pregnancy. As your baby grows, you might be feeling overwhelmed by how much space baby is taking up inside you. Give yourself a moment to […]

Prenatal Yoga Series – Crescent lunge

Our prenatal Yoga series continues with Crescent lunge. Crescent lunge (or High Lunge) is a great way to build leg strength and work on balance during pregnancy. It can be useful if you’re suffering from sciatica, something that a lot of women deal with during pregnancy. You can move into Crescent lunge in two ways. […]

Pregnancy Yoga Pose: Thunderbolt (Vajrasana)

Focusing on yourself (including your new limitations) is just as much a part of yoga as getting your alignment correct. I’m a person who loves to push myself, feeling myself getting to the next level in a physical challenge so I understand perfectly when the mommies in my class aren’t happy to spend a lot […]

Basic Sun Salutation for Pregnancy

Getting even the smallest amount of yoga into every day is so beneficial. Pregnancy is no different! Here’s a very basic Sun Salutation that you can try from the comforts of your own home. Remember: Bring your knees up and down at the same time to protect your lower back and start with your feet […]

Prenatal Yoga at Home

Sometimes it’s great to make your way to the studio and practice alongside all kinds of different students. Sometimes it’s great just to stay home and enjoy a little solitude. We’ve created this short, at home practice for you (by request). Practice wherever, whenever and let us know your thoughts! Don’t forget to always listen […]

Our Favorite Pregnancy Yoga Poses

Between the six pregnancies of the current Kalila Community Momma team, we’ve done a lot of yoga. Here are some of our favourites for you to try (if your medical profession gives you the okay 😉 ) Mountain Pose – the most overlooked yoga pose in my opinion. It’s a pose we fly through without really […]

Bump and go!

So I’m now 6 months into my second pregnancy and the bump is starting to get seriously bigger but whilst on my summer holidays I’m keen to keep as active as possible. My gynaecologist is an immensely pragmatic lady who’s motto is “it’s not an illness, you’re pregnant” and as such she advocates that you […]