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Summer bodies and supporting healthy weight loss

When "1" isn't the loneliest number

Summer is finally upon us (hooray!) which for many of us means holidays and summer fun with our families. It can also be a time when many women worry about their bodies, and especially the idea of wearing beachwear and revealing more of themselves then perhaps they are comfortable with. Everywhere you turn there are […]

The importance of water in pregnancy – World Water Day 2018

Today is the United Nations World Water Day 2018 so what better day to talk about the importance of water for fertility, conception and during pregnancy!                   Water is central to all life, we’re 60-65% water ourselves,  and none more so during fertility, conception and pregnancy. Did […]

July “Eat Healthy” – Stay hydrated

Nowadays we drink a huge variety of drinks from hot beverages to fruit juices to smoothies to alcohol but how many of us drink the recommended 1-2 litres of water each day? Its true that all drinks count towards our fluid intake but water comes at “no cost” as it is quite literally calorie free. […]